Children’s Ministry


Mozart composed beautiful symphonies by the age of ten. Josiah became the king of Judah at the age of nine. At the age of eight, Johnny Smith carried a bullfrog in the pocket of his pants two miles just so he could scare his sister … Kids will be kids!

At NCCTK we believe in reaching kids right where they are—Mozart or Johnny. That’s why we strive to create an atmosphere filled with fun, laughter and the presence of God. Our programs are designed to attract the hearts of children in such a way that they truly want to come back each week to meet with God and learn about Him in creative (and sometimes even messy) ways, bullfrogs and all.

Children’s Ministry  is a place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand in hand. We are a place where children have so much fun learning how awesome God is – they don’t want to miss a single week!  The music is contemporary and children leave humming the tunes and singing the words that help them remember biblical truths all week. We use video, puppets, and drama to teach this generation how to live the Christian life at home, at school, and in their neighborhoods. Our constant prayer is that as kids learn Biblical truths and experience God’s love at home and church, their faith will grow and develop into a faith that sticks.