Adventure Club


 Thanks for the great year! Adventure Club has ended for this school year. Check back for updates as to when our next season begins!



Bring your kids and their friends as we learn about the Bible in a fun, creative, interactive way. We play games, sing songs, eat snacks, watch skits and have a blast!


Purpose / Program / Protection

  • Purpose: Here at NCCTK, we believe that children are a gift from God and should be treated that way! We love kids and know that each one is a very special masterpiece created by God to fulfill His purpose and plan.
  • Program: We’ve designed each program with exactly that in mind! Each program features age-appropriate activities that help teach kids relevant, life-giving Bible truths while providing a warm, loving and friendly environment.
  • Protection: We want you to know that your child will be cared for, prayed for and encouraged to grow and mature in the faith. Please know that our staff and volunteers have undergone a thorough background check and are trained in emergency response.   Our computerized check-in system ensures the safety of your child by allowing only you or someone of your choosing to sign-in and sign-out your child.


If you are interested in getting involved this year at Adventure Club, we’d love to have you on our team!  Email and we’ll contact you right away.

Questions or Concerns? email or 318.9446

Tips and Things to Know

  • Doors open at 6:30pm with the program ending at 7:45pm sharp.   Check-in starts at 6:15pm.
  •  If Lynden Schools are closed for bad weather, so are we!
  • If Lynden School District has a half day, we are closed for Adventure Club.
  • If your child has a food allergy, please make sure to tell their teacher. Also, please bring a snack for them from home with their FULL name clearly labeled on the front.  We don’t want any kids sad because they are missing out!
  • If an issue arises with your child and we need to contact you, we will put your child’s security code up on the Worship Center screen and also call or text your cell phone.  We do all three because we do not know if you are in service, taking a class or just relaxing at Woods.
  • For the safety of all children, they will not be allowed to be dropped off or meet parents in the parking lot. Please park and walk your child in and help them check-in to get their name tag and come in to check them out.
  • Parents who pick up children after 8:30 pm will be considered lost and we will have to call the authorities.

Check-in/Out Policy

Children will be dropped off and picked up by a parent or other adult.  They are not allowed to leave until a parent or other adult picks them up.  Siblings are not allowed to pick up younger brothers or sisters unless they are 16 years or older.  Each child must have a name tag on in order to enter a classroom.  If they do not have a name tag, direct the drop off adult to the nearest check-in counter for registration. Younger children cannot move up to be with older siblings, but older class

For children in 3rd grade and younger, a security check-in/check-out procedure will be followed. The child will be checked in by a parent or guardian at a counter and will receive a name tag and a “pick-up tag” for the child, similar to a claim check. The parent or guardian must present the pick-up tag in order to sign out the child from our care. In the event that a parent or guardian is unable to present the pick-up tag, he or she should be directed to the Children’s Ministry counter to discuss the surrounding circumstances with a ministry leader. The parent or guardian may be asked to present photo identification before the ministry leader releases the child into his/her care. They will be given a yellow slip that they may then use instead of the pick-up tag to retrieve their child.

If you carpool and someone different is picking your child, please leave the security tag with the adult’s name on it with their teacher.  ID must be presented at time of pick-up to receive the tag.



Let’s discover who Jesus is! We play games, sing songs, learn Bible stories and verses and make and eat silly snacks.


“I love the Lord

because he hears my voice and my prayer.”

Psalm 116:1



ADVENTURE CLUB: kids in K-3rd Grade

Let’s be like Jesus! Join us as we learn about His life through skits, puppets, small groups, worship, and yes, even crazy games!


This week’s WACKY DO: 


  • Be here……5pts
  • Offering….10pts
  • Service Project…15pts
  • Wacky Do…20pts
  • Bring a friend…25pts
  • Know your memory verse..30pts
  • Extra points memory verse (Psalm 23)…100pts
  • Books of the Bible (in order either written or said to leader)…150pts….if you can say them without looking at all in order 300 pts!



EDGE: kids 4th–5th Grade

Live the life of a disciple! Kids will learn through a message, worship, small groups and crazy games!