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Becky Gerlach
Creative Arts

Director of Worship

Becky grew up right here in Lynden, Washington. She graduated from Lynden Christian in 1999 and went on to Discipleship Training School with YWAM. She has been playing in church since she was 12, and came on staff here at NCCTK in 2010 after volunteering for 4 years on the worship team. Singing loud and playing the piano, along with her sincere desire to please God, has made her position at NCCTK a perfect fit. She loves to write music and released her first album with Joel Van Mersbergen in 2013 called "Catalyst". Becky is married to her favorite person, Matthew, and they have 3 beautiful children. Becky also teaches piano lessons, plays for the school choir, and runs many, many miles. Becky prides herself in her history of Dutch klompen dancing, and will always be up for a little dance if you bring her some wooden shoes.

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