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Dawn Buttrey
Children's Ministry

KidsPlace Director

Long ago and far away in the land of Ohio, a precocious child was born (shortly after dinosaurs became extinct) and grew up in a loving household but not one who followed Jesus - at all. Upon graduating from high school at the ripe old age of 17, Dawn drove her 72 Vega out West to California where she took on many different jobs and heard about Jesus from a workmate and chose to follow Him. Shortly thereafter, she met the man of her dreams (literally) and promptly got married in 1986 to her husband, Randy. Upon the birth of their first child, Samantha, this new family followed their dream to live in the beautiful PNW and moved to Whatcom County in 1991. A few years later, their son, Dakota was born and then a few more years later, their daughter Shania was born. At last their family was complete and after many nomadic adventures in California and Idaho, returned to their beloved Whatcom County where they settled down at NCCTK and finally found their "framily". Dawn began working at NCCTK in 2008 and has had various jobs, but in 2012, she found her passion - teaching kids about the unfailing love of Jesus and the greatness of God. Dawn LOVES kids and truly enjoys hearing their precious stories and doing her best to make sure they know they were created on purpose by a loving and all powerful God who has great plans for their futures - futures filled with hope.


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