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Shania Buttrey
Children's Ministry

KidsPlace Assistant

On a warm spring morning in 1998, the most wonderful surprise came to a loving family of 4: Randy, Dawn, Samantha and Dakota...Shania Raye Buttrey was born. And ever since then, this thoughtful, detailed, super shy and artistic child was raised in a truly one of a kind family where siblings never argued and always got along and outdid each other in kind deeds......NOT! Unlike most families, where siblings have time apart, her mother chose to home-school them all from K-12th - much to the chagrin of the Buttrey children : ) After years of being home-schooled and hearing, "Fair is a place where they show pigs and horses", Shania chose to begin volunteering in Children's Ministry at NCCTK at the then Everson campus along with her siblings and parents. At the age of 14, Shania's mom lassoed her into helping out in KidsPlace and began running sound and being a small group leader. A year or so later, Shania became an official NCCTK staff member where her duties and responsibilities quickly increased - mainly taking care of her mother and her technological shortcomings and making sure she's on top of things ; ) Shania has found her passion - helping kids know their Creator and Savior and loving kids who are having a hard time and feeling insecure. Shania loves being the KidsPlace Assistant because she gets to create and research, but mostly because she gets to work with her mom - who wrote this because Shania hates talking about herself ; )

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