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Steven George
Creative Arts, Student Ministries

Director of Media Production & Student Ministry Assistant

Steven spent all of his life growing up in Lynden Washington. He graduated in 2016 from Insight School of Washington after attending Lynden High School up until his Junior year. After starting to volunteer at the beginning of 2016 he was hired on staff that summer. Two of Steven's favorite activities are adventure out into the world and capturing the experiences on his collection of film cameras and digging in to and learning about the word of God. Steven is also very passionate about creating and recording music, technology and making short films and videos. He loves being able to use all of these things to further the kingdom of God and to show people the extensive and never ending love that God offers, by being the Multi-Media coordinator at NCCTK. Steven is also a connoisseur of the finest drink in the world, Coffee. He prefers iced mochas on hot days and the darkest of dark roasts on every other day. And you can ask him any time to grab a cup-a-joe with you. He will not decline.

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