One of the best ways to get connected at North County Christ the King, and to grow in your walk with Christ, is to volunteer. We have many opportunities, and we’ve listed a few of them here. But if you have a skill or talent you’d like to share, or you want to explore your options, we welcome the chance to meet with you and help you find your fit.


Help in the church office, or with Acts of Kindness (visiting or helping people); jumping in to work on occasional projects, or helping with events. This is also a good place to start if you don’t know where God is calling you to serve!

Work with our weekend service teams, including greeters, ushers; Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry; safety response, coffee and tea prep, communion etc. — any of the many tasks that help make our guests feel welcome, safe, and cared for.

Help make a meal for someone who is just home from the hospital, or after a loss; be on the teams that provide food for the volunteers who lead worship, or the team that leads the youth ministry; join with others who help bless New Way Ministries with an occasional meal and a visit.

Join the Children’s Ministry or Student Ministry team at NCCTK and take part in helping our next generation to learn, grow, recover, fellowship in their walk with Christ

We have spots for you to join mixing the live stream, running slides, operating a camera, and more. Don’t let the word “tech” fool you; it’s easier than you think!

Know your gifts so you are equipped to serve!

Ramona Stumpf

Director of Small Groups & Hospitality Teams

If you have any questions contact Ramona Stumpf at 360-318-9446 ext.129 or email at